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3 tea chosen, premium quality

Be encouraged to try them!

3 tés elegidos - Imaz

By  Laura Imaz 


This particular tea, is the result of grinding chosen leaves of  green tea .

The top quality matcha  comes from Japan , from shaded plantations, days before harvesting, to concentrate chlorophyll and accentuate its flavor.

It is tea from the Japanese ceremony Cha No Yu, in which a master, or Sensei, skillfully prepares the tea liqueur, which contains the crushed and pulverized leaves in suspension.

 It is also the most used in gastronomy , as a component of ice cream, cakes and chocolates.

 Bi Luo Chun 

 Considered not the oldest and most famous green tea in China , (along with other green tea, Long Jing).

Its aroma is fruity with sweet and floral flavor. If you infuse it several times, you can detect notes of  walnut  and  plum  , as well as orchid fragrance.

The shape that small shoots take when processing it, earned it its name, which means “spring green snail”.

 Silver Needle 

 One of the most delicate and luxurious white tea .

It is originated in Fujian province, southern China.

From sweet and fragrant palate, it is the result of collecting only, new shoots of the plant, before they take green color. It turns out a curious product, full of white “hairs”, which when dried have a needle shape, hence its name.

 At least 10 kilos of shoots are needed, to brew a kilo  of this wonderful  tea .

I hope that if you see them, in the letters or catalogs of specialized places, you will be encouraged to try them.

If you do, pollute.

Until the next infusion!

Publication Date: 09/06/2019

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