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3 recipes with truffles

Little by little, in Patagonia we are positioning ourselves as a reference when it comes to truffles, and here we bring you recipes.


Although truffles are one of the most expensive mushrooms, their taste often makes their presence desired. And it is possible that in the short and medium term, you can see a little more in the local mountain ranges, thanks to a very interesting project that is gradually growing in  El Bolsón . If you have, or if you see in the menu of a   restaurant   or  bar   , order it, you will thank us. In the meantime, we bring you recipes.

 White truffle sauce 

The perfect side dish for a  meat dish,  chicken  or also   pastes   such as  ravioli  or cannelloni   .

First place in a frying pan on fire two tablespoons of olive oil. Medium strong, so that the flavors are integrated correctly and effectively. After this step, continue to throw 100 milliliters of cream and 10 grams of white truffle into shavings; it is mixed so that it is well integrated and when it starts to boil, it is removed from heat.

Add some grass, such as dill, next to pepper and salt to taste. This step is optional, but its homogeneity, encourages you to do it: place the whole mixture in a blender so that all the ingredients are crusted. And now it is: ready to place it on the lunch or dinner plate.

However, other recipes can be made where truffles are scratched or laminated, as is the following.

 Sweet wine chicken with truffles 

For this preparation we will need a chopped chicken, 4 tomatoes, one onion, half a liter of sweet wine, truffle, oil, a tablespoon of flour, salt and pepper.

First peel and chop the onions; then the tomatoes are peeled and chopped: once this step is ready, a saucepan is heated with a stream of oil (olive if you want, for more flavor), and sauté the recently cut vegetables.

When it is already perceived that they are, the chicken pieces are added: it has to be browned and only there half a litre of white and/or sweet wine is thrown. And now yes, in the form of sheets, truffles. When the chicken is half cooking, salt and pepper is placed to taste. When it is finally done, we remove the pieces of chicken alone: to be able to perform the next step that is to thicken the sauce. In a glass, put the flour, a little sauce and mix for less than a minute to get a worthy thickness of this dish: finally, the presentation. And bon appetit!

And although “true” truffles are very rich, getting them is still difficult. There are, as in the whole market of any vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, flavors that try to have the same flavor, peculiar that adds well to menus that we eat in everyday life.

 Asparagus omelet with truffles 

We talk about this when we mention everyday preparations to which we can add the distinctive touch of truffle. For this, we will need 12 asparagus, two medium onions, three eggs, truffle “fake” and salt and pepper to taste.

In the pan is placed a little oil, sauté the onions; when they are already, add two balls of chopped truffle, mix and sauté for a minute, not much more since they are quick to cook,

This is an optional step, if a person wants to take care of a little more: you can take out excess oil, since now we will start with the omelet itself. Whisk the eggs, salt and pepper is added: we attach to the mixture of asparagus and truffle and to the pan!

And how a normal omelet, will be cooked from one side and on the other, with the appropriate care so as not to burn us at any time. And ready, a different omelet, with a strong taste.


Publication Date: 17/03/2021

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