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Stew 2x1

It is an anti-crisis recipe that gives us Cordovan life. With this stew you solve two meals together, and both are a bomb.

Guiso 2x1

 It is the super stew that sopaps all the stews, that of the secret recipe of all families.  The one born in the habit of the “alto stew”, tradition of yesteryear. What is prepared with what is available  in “the house”  and is eaten  until leaving the dish clean.  The recipe is not very complicated, but it  has its secrets.  The good thing about this  stew  is that it adapts to any situation and  is always a mime to the heart.  In winter he is the protagonist of all the tables, and  the one desired by the whole family.  It can be made from  rice, noodles or legumes.  It all depends on the occasion. In Cordoba, in addition to having the classic   stew e' noodle moñito ,  we have the stew PAICOR. This is what is made with all the PAICOR ingredients in the house. That is, with what the  Córdoba Integral Assistance Program gave you that month.  That's why it varies according to the time. We in this note bring you one of the possibilities, with its variables.

  • Rice

  • Minced meat

  • Onion

  • Pepper

  • Garlic

  • Tomato Puree

Step by step

 For a PAICOR stew   it is essential that the climate is grisecito, that the air is cool and that the south wind announces, perhaps, a storm. Because  this stew is for a warm meal  .  Ingredients may vary, in this case, we use these five which constitute the indispensable ones.  However, you can also think about making a  vegetarian version.  Replacing meat with some other vegetables. Or even more vegetables can be added to sautée if the refrigerator is full.

  1. The first step is to pour oil into the pot, and go ahead steps while it is heated over low heat. Peel and chop garlic, it will be the first to jump into the oil. The first brave, which  will give flavor to the whole frying. 

  2. Cut the chives and pepper into squares.

  3. When the vegetable is bream, you can add the meat. Which can be  chopped beef or also chicken . In the case of making a vegetarian stew, you can add carrot, potato or zapallito. Or, if you get to have it in the textured soy cupboard, just send it out

  4. ,
  5. when everything is more or less golden, we pour the rice. And we let it brown a little,  no water.  Once all the ingredients are added. It begins to pour over the pot,  gradually,  tomato puree.

  6. Depending on the amount of rice you have put in the pot, you need to pour water. It is estimated that  for each serving of rice, three servings of water are needed. 

  7. After 15 minutes, let the stew stand a little, stir it.And ready! Let's eat this  anti-crisis and Cordovan stew   ! 

Part 2

In films, usually, the second part is not good. But in the Cordovan stew, it's a bonbon. We tell you what you can do  with the leftovers of a stew: torrejitas. 

  • Stew leftovers

  • Eggs

  • Common flour

Step by step
  1. Place the leftovers of the cold stew in a bowl.

  2. Beat the necessary amount of eggs, depending on how much stew there is.

  3. Add in the bowl the flavored eggs and flour, until generating a kind of soft dough. Special seasonings are chopped garlic, salt, pepper, provencal  or whatever you can think of.

  4. Put to heat a saucepan with oil.

  5. Go throwing balls of that preparation into hot oil.  Till they're golden and they're a taste bomb. 

Secretips for the stew life

  • Garlic has to take out the heart, that is, the middle part,  so that it doesn't fall bad. 

  • To calculate rice, the perfect measure is  one handful per person. 

  •  Do not stir the pot or open the lid.  If not, steam is lost, taste and also stick.

Publication Date: 07/09/2020

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