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2 gourmet recipes and with fernet

We tell you 2 recipes that can accompany you on any special occasion. Two delicious options of fernet dishes, well Cordovan and gourmet.


In this note we tell you  the step by step of two fernetas and delicious options  that can serve you to innovate and surprise your diners. Be encouraged to experiment  in the kitchen with these recipes .

 First option: Rabbit stuffed with herbs and nuts in fernet teriyaky, with vegetables from the vegetable garden steamed and aromatic chutney 

  • 300 g rabbit matambrito
  • 5 g basil
  • 5 g peppermint
  • 80 g nuts
  • 80 g bread crumb
  • 30 g peanut oil
  • 7 g salt
  • 2 g cayenne pepper
  • 100 ml fernet
  • 80 g black sugar
  • 35 g honey
  • 10 cc water
 Step by step 
  1. Salt the  rabbit matambrito and book.  
  2. For the filling place in a processor nuts, bread crumb, basil, peppermint, grind, season and emulsify.
  3. Make a layer covering the matambrito and roll up. Place on  a tray with baked water  until tender.
  4. To finish, place in a frying pan place the fernet, honey, black sugar and water. Allow to reduce and add the part. Make it rotate and with a spoon  go turning the reduction .
  • 120 g seasonal vegetables
  • 50 g green leaf mix
  • 15 cc olive oil
  • 7 g salt
  • 3 g black pepper
 Chutney's Info 
  • 100 cc d vinegar
  • 30 cc fernet
  • 50 g sugar
  • Salt, pepper to taste
  • 1 pear
  • 1 onion
  • 35 g leek
  • 15 g raisins
  • 35 g black olives
  • Cinnamon, coriander and sage
  1. Steam the vegetables and wash and dry the leaves. Season with salt and pepper oil.
  2. For chutney: cut  the pear, leek in rondel and onion into small cubes . In a saucepan place a tablespoon of oil and sweat. Add vinegar, fernet and sugar and raisins, olives, coriander and cinnamon.   Cook until the chutney  is translucent. A few minutes before extinguishing the fire place the sage.

 Second option: Pork carré marinated with applesauce 


 Ingredients for two serving 
  • 300 grde pork carré
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 5 g salt
  • 2 g pepper
  • 1 orange
  • Oil c/n
  • 25 cc fernet
 Step by step a plate comes out 
  1. Squeeze the juice from the orange, add salt and pepper in  chopped grains to it.  Salt the pork medallions and place them to stand in the juice, for 20 minutes.
  2.  Remove them and seal   until they take color.  
  3. To raise the cooking bottom with the juice of the marinade and allow to reduce.
  4. Remove the meat and place the starch until thicken. Finish cooking in the oven.
  • 2 apples
  • Parsley c/n
  • Cinnamon c/n
  • 50 cc white wine
  • 6 g salt
  • 2 g pepper
  • Sugar c/n
  • 20 g lard

  1. Cut the apple into small cubes and brown it with half the butter. Place the wine and let the alcohol evaporate. Add, salt, sugar, cinnamon and pepper.
  2. Cover and let cook over low heat  until the apple is disarmed .  If it is necessary to add water to it.  Grind seasoning and finish with half of the remaining butter to give it shine.

Do you dare to experiment with  gourmet fernet dishes?  

Publication Date: 05/02/2021

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By: Clau Pas 12 February, 2021

Naaa me voy directo al Master chef con estás recetas!!!😂

By: Bianca Ruggia 27 February, 2021

En respuesta a Clau Pas

Anfitriona de la más alta calidad con recetas de Ser Argentino, después contanos cómo te salieron. ¡Gracias por leernos!

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