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2 dining options at Mercado Norte

We tell you all about two corners that fall in love with their flavors, colors, aromas and options. A gastronomic posta to explore the sense of taste.

Mercado Norte

 The North Market of the city of Córdoba,  located on Calle Oncativo al 50, is the place chosen  by the cooks of Cordobés restaurants to do their shopping. But not only professionals come in and enjoy it.  Thousands of people visit it day by day in search of price, variety and quality  in its products. In this diverse and tourist post there are  the best traditional and family restaurants  that invite all visitors to delight their sense of taste.

 The truth is that it is an ideal place for lovers of gastronomy.   It's full of colors , perfumes. Of pigs and hung kids, red and white meats.  In this unique post we find all the spices  and what we do not find inside is found outside, in the posts of Bolivian and Peruvian women who sit on the sidewalk showing what the earth offers them: coriander, Andean papines, maíces, chili panca and more.   Inside the building, opened  in 1928,  there are also places to sit and eat. And one of the best! In this note we tell you all about  two unique options of the North Market: 

The kitchen of Fazzio

 Tucho Fazzio is the owner of this Cordovan local  located in the Mercado Norte. In conversation with the media he revealed a bit of the history of this  gastronomic post,  which is a lot,  since the business  has been growing for  four generations in the family.    “ My grandfather came from Italy. There he liked to fish and when he arrived in Argentina he began to bring fish from Rosario and from the coast,”  he said about  the birth of the fish and seafood restaurant.   In the restaurant  they offer all kinds of products  and even a very special dish. It is  “Culiadazo”, a soft and hot dish based on   a mix of seafood.   It carries, among other things, octopus, camaron, mussels, vieria and a lemon sauce. Their networks define: “Our products are fresh, varied and with the cold chain guaranteed by a unique trajectory of  four generations dedicated to the sea and its secrets”  

An anonymous opinion that values the service Fazzio, provides:   “A very good place  to eat fresh seafood, Informal place located in a very special place, the old and renovated market of the City (ex Mercado Norte). Owners of the main fishmonger in Cordoba, provide their most  excellent merchandise to this place,  achieving very good and rich dishes.  Place to go with a lot of appetite,  for lovers of Seafruits.  ”

Pretto Grill

  Another of the excellent  and varied options offered by the Mercado, is Pretto Parrilla.  A restaurant that opens its doors every day, offering a well-homemade menu, as the philosophy of the place is      “to offer home-made meals, as if we were in each one's house,”  says to the media Nadia Dono, owner of the place. It is a menu of daily suggestions, among which stand out a trilogy of cuts, a special grill of churas, rib and veal vacuum, beef matambrito, grilled kid,  among other options . All this with the plus of an excellent wine list.  

 “ The initial concept was that of a grill to the bar, so that the client feels to chat at the bar, to talk with the barbecue, to peck the roast near the grill,” explains Nadia, a concept that had to be postponed, because “due to the health protocols to be met, for now we will not go to enable the bar, and we will work with tables, both on the ground floor and on the first floor.”  On the planning of the space, he says:  “We have a great team of architects  who designed a place with a magnificent setting,  and the people of the Mercado Norte gave us a huge hand that we appreciate.”   This place invites us to delight in the middle of a traditional area of Cordoba, among various  offers of indescribable quality .

At Mercado Norte the options are varied and delicious. Therefore, this post is super recommended for  lovers of good eating.  


Publication Date: 18/03/2021

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