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100% Cordovan and without TACC

We all know that the land of the fernet is Cordoba. However, the different brands are produced by multinationals... minus this one, which is 100% Cordovan.


  70/30 is the percentage   which makes us up the Cordobeses. However   , there are variations.   The fernet with coca is our bedside drink: in a jar, in a glass   , with ice   , with company or alone...   As it comes!   Among the most recognized brands of fernet are Branca, 1882, Vittone and Nero. However, there is one that is still not so known, but it is   100% Cordovan   . It is made with regional ingredients, recipe from the house and has a brand name with tonada: it is the   Mr. Fernet Beney.  

  William Beney   is an entrepreneur engaged in the production of regional Cordobeses products. From the   Traslasierra Valley   , with its secret ingredients,   Regional Beney   is dedicated to the development of different   indigenous products of organic quality.   The entrepreneurship has an Argentine record. Today they have   29 drinks for celiacs   , approved at Anmat.

Between liquors, whiskeys and others   regional snacks   , the Fernet Beney came up. It is the only completely Cordovan, in every ingredient and at all stages of production. In addition, it is   the first in the world to be fit for celiacs.  

  What a serrana delight  

Fernet Beney was the   master creation   from the serrana brand. Together with different Cordovan factories, they generate innovative and delicious gastronomic products. Fernet Beney consolidates itself as the   key ingredient of culinary novelties.   For example, it is used for the production of   Alfernee, the fernet alfajor.   Also, with this appetizer, they produce a   flavored cheese must be missed.   So Regionales Berney is expanding its   delicatessen primer.  

This 100% Cordovan fernecito is produced with   more than 40 herbs from Traslasierra.   Without the use of chemical additives and with more than one year of aging. That's why it's a double concentrate and   It should be prepared carefully! ,   as it has a   45% alcoholic volume   .

According to its producers, “it can be taken pure, with ice, water, juices, vermouth, adding a few drops to the coffee, for preparation of desserts type 'drunk', meat sauces, reductions and fernet ice cream.” In addition, it has   various medicinal properties,   as a digestive and purifying. Fernet Beney improves the functioning of the liver, fights stomach weakness and dissolves grids or stones caused by excessive consumption of red meat.   Wonder!  

Do we have a 70/30 100% Cordovan? Shall we have a Beney?

Publication Date: 15/07/2020

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