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Serargentino.com is a new means of digital communication, information and entertainment, about Argentina. With its own content, in sports, shows, humor, tourism, gastronomy, music, art, Argentines in the world, achievements, and many more sections. Oriented to promote union, and from a positive perspective on everything that interests us and do Argentines, the site provides, every day, dozens of quality news from all over the country, reflected through all our emotions and passions.
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A 20 años de Boca campeón del mundo 20 years of Boca world champion Author: Redacción

On November 28, 2000, Boca de Bianchi made history in Japan after beating Rea...

independiente 47 years of the first continental of Independiente. Author: Redacción

On November 28, 1973, in Rome, Independiente became world champion for the fi...

Patrick-Sassoli coach Patrick Sassoli: Pedaling of Excellence — Part 2

Applicable cycling tips for beginners and experts The coach explains it in de...

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playa contaminación Is it so hard to leave the beach clean?

After a weekend, it's clear that not everyone understands that when you leave the beach, you have to...

deportes Train and lead, a mission for few

Playing with words can be dangerous, but what is the difference between the “best and most “importan...

empresas chinas Meet the two Chinese companies that step on the strongest in Neuquén

The Asian giant decided to invest years ago in the region. We present two of the companies that best...

recordador de vidas pasadas  Incredible: a reminder of past lives

Matías is a reminder. He travels the world sharing his stories with thousands of people.

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