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•    Doctorado en Ciencia Política (UCA) •    Postgrado sobre “Negocios en mercados emergentes” (EDI – India) •    Presidente de la Fundación para la cooperación internacional ESEY •    Ex Director Nacional de Relaciones Políticas e Institucionales

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coronavirus Covid-19 President Author: Sebastian Aurucci

Covid-19: the only candidate that can bring Argentina out of decadence. Will...

Mercosur y el eterno dilema de integrarnos al mundo Mercosur and the eternal dilemma of integrating into the world Author: Sebastian Aurucci

Argentina cannot repeat the mistakes of the last century. The tense relations...

Grafic Coronavirus and economics Author: Sebastian Aurucci

More dangerous effects than health. A disease that attacks the heart of the w...

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Rosario Turismo Do you know architectural tourism?

Walking through some cities allows you to perfectly combine tourism with the appreciation of archite...

barroluco Come to Mendoza and make a baroque

It is another meal based on a piece of meat between breads. It's not a hamburger or a loin, it's cal...

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