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Hi, I'm a recipe writer. I like to write, cook and write what I cook. My kitchen is amateur and I like to think it's endless. Most people start with someone's recipe and some start with their own, but in general we all do what we try somewhere and want to eat again. But when we make each other's recipe, grandma's, or a friend's recipe, an infinite chain is unleashed. Because maybe I like your recipe with more salt or less cheese. My friend likes it with lemon and her grandmother made it very spicy. So, your recipe is yours, and it may look like others, but there is one in the whole universe that is your version, and there are infinite versions that end up being new recipes. To cook and invent it has been said, here, and beyond...
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Pastel Pie de Potato Author: @escritoraderecetas

What do you say? Potato pie or meatloaf? It's the same cake, isn't it?

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