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I love dogs. They are for me one of the most wonderful creatures of creation and my priority is their well-being. Not for nothing the relationship between dogs and humans, they are a unique case in nature of two species that evolved together. A family lives in harmony with an educated dog. And it gives me a lot of satisfaction when their owners let me into their lives so that together we can be part of the process of improving their quality of life. I guide and accompany people in the process of educating their dog, or correcting unwanted behavior. I give you the tools so that you can understand and communicate with him respecting his essence. Professional Cognitive-Emotional trainer. Teacher at Dog Coach School. First aid course for dogs. Course in ethology and solving behavioral problems in dogs. Dognition, MOOC. Seminar of acting dogs. Special cat behavior. Seminar on canine ethology, neurobiology and learning. Seminar of detector dogs.

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