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Mechanical technician graduated from Otto Krausse School. Flight Engineer graduated from the 7 Air Brigade of Morón. Third year of Philosophy in the UBA. Several literary courses and workshops, among which are the Screenplay Workshop given by José Martinez Suarez, and Police Literature by Vicente Batistta, Literary Corrector by Ernesto Sábato, and Literary Construction by Clara de Simone. First Prize Short Story Andreani Foundation. First Prize Narrative Municipality of Vicente López. First Prize Poetry Games Floral Municipality of San Isidro. Second Prize Poetry Municipality of San Martín. Second Prize Story Club of Lions. Third Prize Municipal Story Province of Cordoba. Various mentions.

Author's articles

Malvinas The Fatherland Author: Marcelo Leonardi

The icy wind hit her face and took the little left of her in that lean, sick,...

Hospice The House of Hope Author: Marcelo Leonardi

Get to know the great work of the San Camilo Hospice. The House of Hope: wher...

Crucero-General-Belgrano- After the magical wake of the Belgrano Cruiser Author: Marcelo Leonardi

A real story, which seems fantastical. A poetic look at the end of the Cruise...

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Fiesta Nacional del Carbón Coal and its celebration in Rio Turbio

Every December 4, Miner's Day, in Rio Turbio is celebrated the National Coal Festival.

Viajeros Fede around the world, part 2

Second part of “Fede por el mundo”, this Santafesino who helps others to embark on adventures.

viajero The world according to Fede

Fede travels the world and shares her experiences on social media. Learn about the story of this san...

carnaval de Sastre A Tailor without costumes

This summer we will not be able to see the spectacular productions that the Santa Fe town of Sastre...

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