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Mamo Gutiérrez


Actor, comedian, screenwriter and director, from the city of Bariloche.

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El amor secreto de Alberto y Putin, Cornalitos amenazados, Tinelli & La Ciudad perdida de Erks - #14 en Un País Generoso A generous country, a line that does not cut you Author: Mamo Gutiérrez

Surfing the second wave, and interconnecting the distant galaxies, Mamo auger...

BMW, el Kun Agüero, Megacovid entre otros- Resumen #13 en Un País Generoso A generous country, firmer than statue roll Author: Mamo Gutiérrez

With the arrogance of the Patagonian wind, Mamo Gutierrez throws the flow bet...

Messi el pibe récord, la vuelta de Mauricio & 5.000 nuevas galaxias - Resumen #12 en Un País Generoso A generous country, from afar you can see Author: Mamo Gutiérrez

Joy we came back! Roast, wine, murga, come on, Crazy Flag! Mamo sums up the w...

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