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Julio Cesar

Argentinian, born in the city of Santa Fe. Degree in Social Communication, specialized and passionate about writing. Lover of songs, languages and interculturality. I like to get excited with a nice text and be surprised like a child. I'm a writer and a musician.

Author's articles

aljibes  Time of reservoirs Author: Julio De Martini

From the old Santa Fe, we remember the cisterns, wells, buckets, water racks...

 fiesta del agua  This original water festival Author: Julio De Martini

Pujato Norte is a town in Santa Fe that organizes a water party without havin...

La doma de San Justo The dressage of San Justo is pure tradition Author: Julio De Martini

The famous Argentine Doma y Folklore de San Justo contest will be in April, i...

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