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Argentina, more specifically from litoralean lands. I was born in Entre Ríos and am a Social Communicator. I specialize in writing in all its forms and try to create mental images through words. Melomaniac and passionate about semiotics by the looks they bring to us from the world. Curiosity always keeps me moving.

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Ovnis The Molero went for a walk aboard a UFO, part 2 Author: Florencia Duré

We return to the story of the UFO that kidnapped the Molero brothers to revea...

 comunidad mbya In the name of interculturality: the mbya community has its television channel Author: Florencia Duré

After 18 months of planning, Jasy Tv, a new project carried out by the mbya v...

tradiciones Entre Ríos Traditions are not stained, defended Author: Florencia Duré

Entre Ríos is a province that houses in its diverse traditions, practices and...

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empresas chinas Meet the two Chinese companies that step on the strongest in Neuquén

The Asian giant decided to invest years ago in the region. We present two of the companies that best...

recordador de vidas pasadas  Incredible: a reminder of past lives

Matías is a reminder. He travels the world sharing his stories with thousands of people.

Chovet fiesta del arbolito Chovet and his original feast of the tree

A gigantic Christmas tree is the center of a national holiday in Chovet, south of Santa Fe.

 Tunuyán Valle de Uco The heart of the Uco Valley

The department of Tunuyán is the most important department in the Uco Valley. He turns 140 years old...

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