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Musician. Bassist and guitarist. Participate in the following projects: DIEGO GARISON BLUES XPLORATION, BOSTS, ROCKY LÓPEZ Experience, PABLO KRANTZ and Los Southerners and GREEK AND LA 7O

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1200x688_Facundo-Galli Interview with Facundo Galli Author: dgarrison

Musician and composer Marplatense

Conversation with BALAC Group Author: dgarrison

Delia and Julieta tell us about their music and the love they have for it.

The need for the recovery of the Argentine cultural being Author: dgarrison

In a deteriorated country, the living spirit of our best artists reminds us o...

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Félix Paz Felix Paz, governor of the end of the world

Felix Paz was the first governor of the national territory of Tierra del Fuego.

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