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Argentinian, born in Chubut. Technician in tourism, currently living in the city of Buenos Aires. I like learning new languages, as well as teaching. I worked for several years teaching English. Passionate about travel, reading and photography. Love of nature and outdoor activities. Convinced that knowing our country is to know ourselves more as Argentines. I find through writing a way to communicate my passion and my experiences about some of the many interesting and beautiful places that Argentina has, because each place has a story to tell.

Author's articles

Santa Cruz, Los Antiguos Visiting Los Antiguos, Santa Cruz Author: Bruno Sabella

A place to enjoy and meet on your next summer vacation.

El Bolsón The Baggins and its authentic Patagonian charm Author: Bruno Sabella

The Baggins is characterized by its tranquility and its relaxed pace. It is a...

Punta Delgada y su histórico faro Punta Delgada and its historic lighthouse Author: Bruno Sabella

The lighthouses and Patagonia are united in a particular way. We tell you abo...

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