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Licenciado en Comunicación Social y periodista. Soy instructor de tenis y gané un Interclubes, también soy jugador y crítico de videojuegos. Siento que tengo un superpoder, pero aún no logro descubrir cuál es ni su alcance, imagino que es escribir. Siempre con la guardia alta.

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El Faro, bar de playa El Faro, beach bar Author: Adrián Farina

El Faro - Beach Bar is a business project that takes place in El Cadillal Dam...

Chaco 5 reasons to visit Chaco Author: Adrián Farina

In Chaco, we will find a combination of city life, relaxation, fishing and ga...

Encuentro Internacional de Muralismo Formoseño walls are filled with Latin American art Author: Adrián Farina

The International Meeting of Muralism and Public Art concentrates dozens of a...

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Celeste Muriega Celeste Muriega, a luxury interviewee

The driver chatted with Serargentino.com. He talked about tastes, passions and his present in Miami,...

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Fayer reopened in the middle of the pandemic and, with its Israeli and Argentinian cuisine, became t...

Las mujeres al poder Women in power

Every 23 September the law on women's voting is recalled. Let's go through achievements, defeats and...

Una tradición que se mantiene prendida A tradition that remains on hold

The feast of the Holy Cross of Miracles is a tradition of Correntin that is kept alive thanks to the...

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