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With an ecological spirit

P&G and Carrefour launched the first Head & Shouders bottle made of recyclable plastic collected from beaches.
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| 06 January, 2020 |

P&G, together with Carrefour, presented the new proposal of Head & Shoulders, the first bottle of recyclable shampoo made with plastic collected from beaches, which is on sale at Carrefour’s main branches in a limited edition.
On this occasion, more than 600 thousand bottles were produced and, thanks to this initiative, today there are 22 thousand kilos less plastic in the ocean.
In an event held at one of the points of sale, Fernando del Carril, general manager of P&G Argentina and Rami Baitieh, CEO of Carrefour Argentina, launched this important product, the result of the work between both companies, to raise awareness about the protection of Argentine coasts from cleaning and collecting plastic waste.

The starting point

“ The project to launch the first bottle made of beach plastic was born in France by Carrefour; and now we decided to expand the campaign to our country, maintaining our alliance as strategic partners, and presenting this bottle in a special edition in the main stores of Carrefour,” said Fernando del Carril, general manager of P&G Argentina. “At P&G we are extremely grateful for having found a partner in this initiative that really seeks to leave an indelible and positive mark on each of our consumers,” he added.
On the other hand, to increase education and awareness about recycling in Argentina, P&G and Carrefour allied with sustainability and environmental experts such as Fundación Vida Silvestre, with whom they held a day of cleaning and collecting plastics in the Reconquista River, the second most polluted in Argentina, where employees of both companies participated.

The objective

“ At Carrefour we seek to generate environmental awareness throughout our sphere of influence and we join this initiative as part of our commitment to reducing waste and promoting recycling. We find in P&G an ally that, like us, shares the values for sustainable management and together with Fundación Vida Silvestre, we will be able to reach more customers with the message,” added Rami Baitieh, CEO of Carrefour.

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