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Where does the name “sausage steak” come from?

Why is it called sausage steak if it has nothing to do with chorizo? So you don't betray yourself like
La trampa de la semántica: es un bife, pero no un chorizo
| 28 September, 2019 |

The sausage steak is a steak, but (the clarification looks like a perogrullo, but it does not matter) it is not a chorizo. It’s not even made of little pieces of sausage. Let’s be concrete and honest: we’re talking about a barbecue. An excellent barbecue, of the best quality, but a barbecue at last. The first time I asked, I was disappointed, I won’t deny it. I had made a fantasy around and thought it would be some kind of choris meat bread, but no. Then why is it called that?

The trap of semantics: it’s a steak, but not a chorizo

That same day, I came home and started looking for “sausage steak” in my headboard encyclopedia (my childhood happened in moments pre Google). Obviously, the encyclopedia didn’t include that entry. The next day, I decided to go to the fountain: I went to the butcher shop of Michelangelo, our trusted supplier, and asked him why he was called that. The answer was even more disappointing than the one suffered the day before: “by the way” was the only thing he told me (Don Miguel Ángel was deaf, so the talks with him were not very extensive). Then, with one hand he raised one of the fateful steaks and with the other a chorizo. He put them on par. The piece of meat was larger (and more tempting, I will not deny it), but there was no discussion that morphologically there were many similarities: both elongated, cylindrical, curved.

Over time I learned that it is a cut that is known as “entrecot” (which comes from the French “entrecôte”, which means “between ribs”) and is behind the spine. I also know it’s a delicacy for 90% of people. I’m in the other 10%. I haven’t overtaken my disappointment yet.

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