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Villa la Angostura is filled with flowers

In February, the gardens of Villa La Angostura are dressed as a National Festival. A good excuse to visit this
jardines Villa la Angostura
| 01 February, 2020 |

Every February, the gardens of Villa La Angostura are dressed as a National Festival. A gaucha party with award to the most flowery gardens and musical shows. A parade of floats with floral arrangements where comparsas are presented is one of the main attractions. This is done along Avenida Arrayanes to Plaza San Martín on Saturday. Afterwards, the awards of the competition

are presented

This celebration was an initiative of the Municipality of Villa La Angostura and neighbors of the area. It was first held in 1991, was declared Provincial Festival in 1997 and, in 2013, became National.

The main objective of the celebration is to beautify the gardens of the houses, shops and tourist accommodation of this beautiful city. The garden contest is the big fruit of dessert. Winners have as prizes the exemption of fees for services, plants or plates that Remember your distinction.

jardines Villa la Angostura
jardines Villa la Angostura

What to do

In the Enrique Barbagelata Municipal Gymnasium you can appreciate a gastronomic sample, handicraft stalls and regional products and nurseries. Remembering that this celebration is a gauchaparty, shows of Creole skills and dressage. In addition, you can taste the classic chivito al rotisador.

jardines Villa la Angostura

In a sector of the property known as “El Quincho”, develops the Expo Flores. Visitors can browse through samples of photographs and participate in talks and workshops related to gardening and horticulture. The exhibition is organized by the Standing Committee of Planters of Villa La Angostura.

Musical shows are also part of this party. The 2020 edition will feature the presence of El Chango Spasiuk, Los 4 de Córdoba and El Gordo S.

jardines Villa la Angostura

The Garden of Patagonia

Villa La Angostura is a paradise in itself, worth visiting. Atmosphere pure, nature, tranquility, security and warmth are its hallmarks. It is located on the northwest of Lake Nahuel Huapi, in the south of the province of Neuquén. The city has one of the most picturesque mountain landscapes of Argentina. It is immersed in Nah National Park

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