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You harvest what you sow: you harvest party!

We tell you all about one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. A celebration that involves all the agents of the field and celebrates direct planting.

 It is a holiday that is commemorated during the first half of October  and seeks to bring together all the inhabitants with the same goal: to celebrate and  have fun.  But above all things,  pay tribute to farm workers, recognize the abundance of nature and thank the new ways of harvesting.  More specifically, it aims to recall the visionary idea of those agricultural producers who, looking for new techniques for soil treatment and conservation , introduced direct planting as a mode of cultivation. 

Party party

Like every traditional festival in the country, this meeting offers its visitors  all kinds of services and fun.   Musical and artistic expressions  , craft food production, industrial, commercial and general service exhibitions. With a marked line:  to demonstrate the wealth and economic potential of southeastern Cordovan. 

The birth of a tradition

 The department of Marcos Juárez  is the general representative of the whole area of Córdoba which is characterized by its fertility and agricultural performance.  The National Festival of Direct Sowing was born in 2000.  It was an initiative that  emerged when the Argentine Congress declared the National Capital of Direct Sowing to the towns of Monte Buey and Inriville.  Thus, the department of Marcos Juárez was designated as a pioneer of the initiative that would become a tradition. In addition, the  city  of Monte Buey would be responsible for the annual organization of the celebration.

With the passage of time,  edition after edition, Monte Buey became the star of this celebration.  This small town located in the south-east of the province of Córdoba, is surrounded by fertile lands and several watercourses.  The celebration of this national holiday involved a wide  tourism development . As it invites  producers from all over the world  to celebrate, and Monte Buey is an  ideal place  for those who want to enjoy the tranquility and the outdoors.

What is celebrated?

 The celebration is focused on honoring the method of direct planting.  This is an  avant-garde innovation in the world of agriculture that was born as a result  of the studies of a group  of agricultural producers. It was in  the late 1970s that this sector began to worry about the  wear and tear that occurred in the soil and the erosion of nutrients in the earth. Thus, with  the need for a change  and review of procedures, they began to plant crops directly on the stubble of the previous harvest. This innovation was  called “direct seeding”  and  consisted of a radical change  in agricultural processes, resulting in positive changes.

Celebration of the camp

 This holiday is of a national character  because the methodology  of direct planting spread throughout the country.  eacute; ndose in  an advance of the sector.  This is how this party was organized, consisting of  three days full of activities related to training and leisure.  There are three whole days in which there are activities to do, during the day and at night.

 One of the main attractions  is  the agro-industrial fair, in which all the innovations related to  sowing and seeds are presented.  During lunch and dinner times, the property is filled with  traditional meals prepared on the disco.  Since the disc is a tool that is used in the plow to work the earth. In addition to the  exhibition stands,   sowing and seed quality competitions are given.  In the afternoon, the stages are flooded with artists who share their skills and performances . Music, dance, humor and different talents  delight viewers.

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