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William Brown, our Irish procer

The crew of the Frigate Freedom held a joint parade with the Irish Navy to pay tribute to William Brown.
Guillermo Brown
| 18 December, 2019 |

He was born as William, but by these lands he was renamed William. He was a lover of the sea and gave our country something very important: the Navy of the Argentine Republic (ARA), our naval defense force. Guillermo Brown contributed to the revolutionary act that made possible our independence from Spain, when we were still viceroyalty.

William Brown was born inFoxford , County Mayo, in what is now theRepublic of Ireland . This is where the crew of the Frigate Freedom came to pay tribute to him in a bi-national parade with Irish sailors. The city took to the streets to remember this Argentine procer by adoption, whose history is a pride for the locals.

With the arrival of the school ship to the port of Dublin — as part of its 48th training trip — the Mayo county authorities organized the parade and military stop that culminated in a tribute in front of the monument reminiscent of Admiral Guillermo Hey, Mr. Brown. There were 200 Argentine troops made up of the cadets themselves and the officers, non-commissioned officers and troops, who make up the The Frigate Freedom. On the side of the Republic of Ireland, 50 sailors and pipers participated. Subsequently, more than 6000 people visited the flagship of the Argentine Navy.

In this way we paid tribute to our Irishprocer , “the father of the homeland at sea”, who arrived from the other side of the world and made his own independence struggle that was brewing in what would later become Argentina.

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