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Who is mate's best friend?

The options are many, but the last word is already said. We tell you who won the Matero World Cup.

¿Quién es el mejor amigo del mate?

With the quarantine, social networks became central in our lives. Thus, today we can say that the “world” are already part of our everyday life. How could it be otherwise — and as good Argentines we are — could not miss the  Matero World Cup.  It was a competition organized by  Yerba Mate Argentina   ,  the brand belonging to the National Institute of Yerba Mate (INYM).  The target?: define  who is “the best friend of our dear mate”. 

On the occasion of friendship month, the weekend before  Friend's Day  was organized. From the profiles of the Institute's social networks, all lovers of mate were invited to participate in the  Matero World Cup  to know which of all those delicacies well ours with which we accompany this infusion was proclaimed as “the best friend of our dear mate”.

In this way,  the Matera community voted fervently  throughout the weekend. Options for every taste participated: home-made food, bakery, fresh and reheated, sweet and salty. This is how the experience from Yerba Mate Argentina recounted:

 Own to a world cup, in the first round there were some crosses worthy of the final rounds, and users cried out to add votes for one or another of the key options, which gave the game a lot of excitement during the three days, and so it was that “La Chipita”, one of the most known companions of mate especially in the coastal region, lost in the first round against invoices, a classic also, at the country level. 

Over the days, the keys were defining themselves. Slowly, vote to vote, the one who would be crowned as a champion was leaving his most difficult opponents on the way. The  pizza  (cold and direct from the fridge, pleasure of pleasures), the scons  and the very fat biscuits  were left behind. fought:  fried cake vs.  invoices  . The result?  The fried cake took the first place, with 52% of the votes in their favor.  She's definitely our dear mate's best friend.

 Always matte 

The Matero World Cup felt like a round of mate between friends. At a distance, and from all over the country, people who voted and commented on their preferences gave the proposal a close and friendly tone.

 Because the important thing  is mate  , accompaniment is the least. Because mate looks good with everything and at all times. As they say from Yerba Mate Argentina:

 Mate is our national infusion, our identity, awakens passions, accompanies us and always gives us joy. Beyond the award, it is very clear that mate goes with everything and is for everyone, that's the best.  

 Many thanks to the thousands of voters, to this beautiful community that more than followers, we feel like friends! To celebrate cooking and matting to share with family, friends; yes, each with their mate. 

Publication Date: 02/08/2020

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