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White Gold, a treat that is quoted

Did you know that there is gold that is traded on the stock exchange, but they do not receive in banks? White gold has its own party. We tell you what this is about.


 The gold we consumed years ago, but we didn't know it had such value. Or yes? We tell you all about the  White Gold National Festival . A gold you eat, in gourmet versions, in strands, in last and more.  It's the cheese!  A star product in the dairy industry, which is why it has had its own party  for 50 years. 

  The National White Gold Festival    is held every year in the town of Canals  . This is a village located in the Unión department, southeast of the province of Cordoba. In addition, this place functions as  a railway station.  The village has approximately 8000 inhabitants, who are prepared with enthusiasm as the festival date approaches. The meeting takes place  every January,  on the first weekends of the year. This tradition already has its 50th version. Which makes it a cultural classic. In general, there are  4 days of pure music and cheese and wine tasting .

The meeting is intended to  pay tribute to workers in the dairy industry.  Industry that is  one of the protagonists  with the largest productions in the area. That is why the  Municipality of Canals  is playing it and having this party. Because the delight of cheeses deserves to be recognized as white gold. And because their workers deserve the best.

 Gold of all and for all 

In general  admission is free and free,  as it  is a party  that takes place on a municipal property. As options to spend better evenings, you can rent chairs and buffet service in the railway grounds park. It only remains to enjoy.

 The National White Gold Festival  is an event that revolutionizes the entire region. Quartet bands, renowned personalities and singers of all kinds travel to Canals to animate the encounter. The participants of this festival are always  characters of the Cordoba culture  who rejoice us with their presence. The Festival has different instances, in which raffles are drawn, queens are chosen and the  rag is celebrated.  It is an inclusive commemoration, which seeks to bring  the whole population together to celebrate.  With 50 years of experience, and we hope that it will be... 50 more!

Publication Date: 08/10/2020

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