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What is an empanada?

An empanada, for Argentines, is much more than just a plate of food. It is part of our culture, the customs of every house, in every province.


 What is an empanada?  It's a meal, of course. A typical dish from Argentina. It is “a fine bread dough, broken pastry or puff pastry stuffed with a salty or sweet preparation and baked or fried.” That's all that, yeah. But for us,  a  pie is much  more than that. 

A pie is the excuse to get together. It is the ease of choosing a menu that everyone likes. It's casual  food  , no dishes and no cutlery, and sometimes even standing. The inexplicable happiness that the game that falls gives us, even if it stains us. Blow outside while trying to chew, because it is what peels and delicious at once.  It's the battle to decide who makes the richest : Mom's, Grandma's, Aunt's. The ones in the corner or the pizzeria in the square. It's an eternal discussion that will never have a winner.

A pie is the multiplicity of customs and cultures of our country made food. It is the wonder that every region, every province, has its own, and that they are all equally good.  It is the diversity that characterizes everything Argentine united, at the same time, in one dish.  Because the empanada like this, in the singular, is Argentinean. He represents us and we are proud. But, at the same time, that empanada is subdivided into many different patties, which carry the taste, color, ingredients, seasonings and aromas of every corner of our country.

The empanada is Tucumana, is Buenos Aires, is Mendoza,  Salteña, Jujeña , Santiagueña, Patagonian, Sanjuanina, Riojana, Cordobesa.  But first of all, it is Argentine. 

Publication Date: 02/01/2020

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