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What would a day without music be like?

On Music Day, we chose 5 themes from the most representative genres of the country to honor our artists.
En el Día de la Música, elegimos 5 temas
| 22 November, 2019 |

What would it be like to live a whole day without music? Almost instinctively, all civilizations in history were crossed by some kind of musical expression . So, it seems that there is one thing that is clear: no one can live without music. What would become of us without her?

In Argentina we have great musicians, of all styles, who inherited the sounds of these lands and those that came from outside. From this mixture of cultures, artists of different genres were born that make our people sing, dance, excite, laugh and cry.

On November 22 , the Music Day and we want to pay tribute to Argentine music with this selection of 5 themes of the most representative genres of our land.


“ Like the cicada” – Mercedes Sosa

With sounds from inland, folklore has its representatives from the end to the end of our country. Mercedes Sosa is one of the greatest and noblest voices of this genre, and that’s why we chose her to celebrate Music Day. This song was created by María Elena Walsh in the early seventies, and later banned by the military dictatorship. It was recorded by Mercedes Sosa in exile to which she was pushed by the same regime. The song then became a symbol of democratic spring, when the Tucuman singer included it in the memorable concerts of the Teatro Opera in February of 1982.


“ Cambalache” – Roberto Goyeneche

If there is a genre for which we are recognized around the world, that is tango. Tango falls in love with everyone who listens to it and seduces everyone who dances it. While those who think of tango think of Gardel, today we chose two other masters with a song that paints us full body: “ Cambalache”, in the voice of

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