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What are the most ordered pizzas in Argentina?

Joining for pizza is a tradition. But what are the pizzas most required by Argentines when we order delivery?
| 13 February, 2020 |

Our beautiful Italian tradition has left us unique culinary treasures. Pizza is, without a doubt, one of them. I would even say that in Argentina it is possible to enjoy pizzas that exceed those of Italy. Does the disciple outperform the master? Well, maybe. The reality is that ordering a pizza, in our country, is quite a tradition. But have you ever wondered what are the most ordered pizzas?

One of the most important delivery platforms conducted a survey of the varieties most requested by their customers. These are, then, the pizzas most demanded by Argentines.

1. Muzzarella

We can get crazy from time to time. so much, but we always return to the basics: the muzza is the pizza most demanded by Far away. Because it’s simple and everyone likes it. And because cold and with matte, to the next morning, it becomes the glory itself.

2. Neapolitan

Tomato and tomato? Tomato and tomato. The napo is the second on the list, with its capicuus ingredients: tomato, muzzarella and tomato slices. And, to close, a lot of garlic. Pure magic.

3. Ham

The third of the most demanded pizzas is another classic: muzzarella and ham, the perfect pair. Simple and surendidly, they Almost everyone likes it.

4. Fugazzeta

Here we stick the flipping: the fugazzeta is the different one inside pizzas. No tomato, but with lots of onion, It’s almost irresistible. That’s right: if you’re going to be kissing later, better abstain.

5. Calabrian

For more courteous palates, this Pizza something spicy is an explosion of flavor. In this case, about the muzzarella, The longaniza. A cold beer and you’re in heaven.

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