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Waiter! What about the ingredients?

Santafesinos get angry when, in a bar, they bring us plain and “forget” the ingredients. Don't you know what they are? We'll tell you.

¡Mozo! ¿Y los ingredientes?

In Santa Fe, when we go to a bar, dining room, restaurant or still life, we order a  plain  or a duck and we assume  that they have to come with ingredients . Don't they call them that in your town? Or is that custom not entrenched? Here they are, and if they don't bring them in, we feel bad about the place. It can be something simple like the classic 15 cm by 5 metal tray with three small compartments:  pororó , peanuts and sticks. Ready! With that, the smooth is taken as it should. In some subtract, you get some bowl with a special pastita, some cream and flavored toast. Okay, too. Those who comb gray hair remember that,  in times of less malaria , the ingredients consisted of lupins, stuffed olives and pickles. Some very traditional bar maintains that “luxury”.

A basic condition of the  ingredients  - they are not charged ! They have to be a trade attention to the customer. By the way, we are so much birreros that, while waiting for what we ask for to eat, it is important to throw something solid into the stomach, and thus avoid digestive havoc or premature drunkenness. It is precisely because of this condition of gratuitousness that, in these days of lean cows, the ingredients usually consist of just a little bit of popcorn or sometimes “forget” to take them away.

Yes, it is true that, currently, in several places to eat in  Santa Fe  , the ingredients do not exist. But, surely, it is foreign franchises, or  another part of the country where these are not customary , or some restaurant that is too refined.

How's the hand with this theme in your city? Is there the habit of ingredients too? Do they call them any other way?

Finally, the debate opens up: is it worth “demanding” if what you ordered is a wine or a soda, or are they exclusive to  beer ?

Publication Date: 30/07/2020

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By: Neysa 30 July, 2020

Por supuesto que los ingredientes también valen para las gaseosas!!!

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