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UCR leaders reminded Illia, 36 years after her death

The former president was remembered as an example of honesty.

The Radical Civic Union and national leaders of the UCR from all over the country recalled the figure of former President Arturo Umberto Illia, 36 years since his death.
Through the social network Twitter, the UCR said that Illia “represents the example of a ruler: honest, effective and transformative. Our memory of 36 years since his death,” and highlighted a phrase by the former radical president: “It is educated in three ways: by example, by example and by example.”
“ Today marks 36 years since the death of former President Arturo Illia. Illia was a symbol of honesty for our country. Let us reflect and continue to work always with the values it was able to promote, in order to build a better Argentina,” wrote radical deputy Karina Banfi on the social network.
Also the deputy of the UCR for Rio Black Lorena Matzen reminded Illia “with much admiration for her values and commitment to our nation. A Mr President and an example of honesty.”
In her turn, the deputy for Córdoba Soledad Carrizo paid tribute to Illia by remembering him as “an honest and coherent politician. He left the presidency with less capital than he had when he took office. He died sustaining the coherence of his goals and ideals. On the anniversary of his death we remember him as an example to follow.”
Jorge Enríquez, deputy for the city of Buenos Aires, distinguished Illia for his “humility, honesty and integrity,” and said that “36 years after Don Arturo Illia's death, we continue to remember the values he taught by example.”
Also, Ramón Mestre, current mayor of the capital of Cordoba and pre-candidate for governor of the province, highlighted “the values, such as humility, austerity, transparency, democracy and respect for the public thing” that Illia left when he said that “we continue to remember the values he knew how to instill by example. It is 36 years since his death and we keep him alive in our heart.”
Finally, the National Convention of the UCR highlighted the figure of Illia and argued that “during his government, 23% of the national budget was allocated to education, increased GDP, decreased unemployment, decreased foreign debt and implemented a literacy plan.”

Source: Télam

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