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UCovin 2019 and the best wines of the year

The traditional contest of the best wines in Valle de Uco had its 25th edition in 2019. These are the winners.


It is known in Mendoza under the name   of Valle de Uco   to the three departments that are located, on average, 100 kilometers south of the capital city. These are   Tupungato , Tunuyán and San Carlos . This is a production area, especially at the wine level. That is why, in addition to its landscapes and tourist offer, the wines steal much of the flashes and budget of tourists visiting the Uco Valley. And so important is viticulture here that, for 25 years, the already popularized  UCovin has been carried out. An afternoon where there is a competition and a  tasting of the best specimens of the last harvest  and a prestigious jury is responsible for giving score and defining the winners.

 What left 2019 

The 25th edition of UCovinwas held in the complex “La Trout Tranqui ”, which, according to experts, is the largest wine tasting in the country. And, as is customary  since 1994 , a prominent jury took charge of scoring the samples. They were part of this  communicators,  winemakers , agronomists and the National Harvest Queen 2019 herself.  

After a past afternoon of drinks, the final tasting was practiced on 15 wines that came to the last instance,  whose varietals were as follows : pinot gris, viognier, sauvignon blanc, two wines chardonnay, tempranillo, three malbecs, merlot, pinot noir, two cabernets franc and two cabernets sauvignon.  Specimens of wineries : Alfa Crux, Altos San Carlos,  Atamisque , Casa Petrini, Domaine Bousquet, Esmeralda, Stefanía, Giaquinta, La Celia, Los Ferechos, Los Parrales, Massi, Meli, Starlooks, Nono Coletto, Pocima, Portillo, Punta Negra, Raffy, Ricominciare, Sophenia, Tapestry, Yaucha, Thrush and  Zuccardi Family .

 The results 

Already with well-trained taste buds, the jury determined an average score of  90 to 94 points for most wines . Except 3 samples that scored the highest score of the day. These were:  two malbec and a cabernet franc. 

In addition, wine professionals stressed that  2019 was a very favourable vintage . The climate helped and there were no elevated temperatures during the ripeness of the grapes. There wasn't too many rains either. There were very healthy grapes.

Thus concluded a new day of this traditional event that brings together the best of wine every year. Now you know what were the best wines of 2019 in Tupungato, Tunuyán and San Carlos. So, when they are in front of the gondola, choosing this crop will be a good decision.

Publication Date: 25/11/2019

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