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Tribute to the islero

The islero is a central character in the culture of Santafesina. Santa Rosa de Calchines honors him with a beautiful festival.

Homenaje al islero

Santa Rosa de Calchines carries, since its origins, the  coastal imprint . That is why it hosts a festival that pays homage to the islero. Men and women of the river reflect the  natural heritage and main resources of the area. 

With water and sun as a natural setting, the village invites every year to this traditional folklore  encounter  , with free admission. The Fiesta del Islero has become a summer reference on the coast of Santafesina. In what they call a “holy day”, the town is full of festivities: torch lighting, canoe parade, fish-based gastronomy, artisans and entrepreneurs fair, and homage ceremony to the islers. To the festivities is added music with groups from the area and guests, accompanied by  a crowd dancing ready to have fun  and make the party something very indigenous.

The landscape with which the day starts is beautiful. The  boats  come to the land of water and sun, which offers them a warm bievenida.

As if the festive spirit of the whole public, which enjoys folklore and the exaltation of the island culture, the event offers a strong mark of regional food. The native gastronomy of river fish shows off during this weekend of Santarroseño.  Fried fish, patties, grilled shad, postas, minced trays.  All varieties of fish meat are accompanied by the rich and fresh santafesino beers.

Everything said, it consecrates, year by year, the Festival del Islero as a tourist event that already transcends the borders of Calchines.

 Santa Rosa as a destination 

Santa Rosa de Calchines is one of the main tourist spots of the coastal circuit of Santafesino. It is characterized by being  at the same distance from the two capital cities of the provinces of the region : in one hour, you reach the land of water and sun both from Paraná and from Santa Fe capital.

 The land of water and sun  is a huge strip surrounded by water, almost a giant island between the arms of Paraná and the baths of  Salado . Originally inhabited by native peoples, the Calchines ethnic group, cited by the founder of Santa Fe, Juan de Garay, gave it its place name forever. In 1861 the Franciscans began to build the temple, a reference in the 19th century of the advance over the borders. Then the immigrants came and began to mark the grooves of the tillers. Today it is a historical, cultural and productive land. Eminently natural,  it preserves a wild landscape that has changed little over the years . Its inhabitants speak with pride of the land where the sun rises and hides in the latitudes heading for water.

If you liked the idea of taking Provincial Route No. 1 and spending the weekend in Santa Rosa while you enjoy this party, you have many variants of ajajajamiento. For fishermen, there are comfortable cabins and bungalows. But there are also complexes for the whole family, with games and all kinds of amenities.

Santa Fe surprises the country with tourist options.  For those who love regional festivals, getting to this riverside town  and paying homage to the island is a great option.

Publication Date: 26/10/2020

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