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Because there's nothing nicer than sitting in the sun, eating a tangerine and philosophizing life. That is why this very important Festival is celebrated in northern Cordovan.


This is the  Provincial Festival of La Mandarina , a tribute to citrus fruit that sweetens our soul, takes care  of our wallet and fills us with vitamin C. It is held every year in the town of Quilino, belonging to the  department Ischilín and  center of many traditions . In the northwest of the province,  150 km from the capital city, one of the funniest tributes to the most consumed citrus fruit takes place. This is the occasion when the municipality recalls the importance of  the cultivation of tangerine for regional production. 

Not just party

 This serrano corner has many qualities.First, it is the key to try  a good mountain kid.  In addition to being the perfect   place to go out  and  also for handcrafted, local and regional shopping  . Since here there are  fairs and artisan events .Some striking points in the area are the  Santuario San Roque and Casa de Piedra, which are consolidated as iconic postas of the region. Quilino is located in a  strategic point in northern Cordovan  , and near this town there are some wonders to visit. The resort of the city is quite attractive and is very  close to the Salinas Grandes,  which means  an extra point for any visit.  These lands are a festive heart, so every year they celebrate the Provincial Festival of Mandarin and, in addition, the Festival of Kid and Crafts.

 The Provincial festival of Mandarin is still young: it only turns a decade.However, it is ranked among the most anticipated festivals in the region. By little, it takes strength and the whole population is waiting  for the special weekend  where the existence of this natural fruit is celebrated. Because whatever works as an excuse for celebrating is good. Especially if it is to thank the land, and its workers, for the food it gives us. In general, this meeting is held in parallel in  Quilino and Villa Quilino,  which are different villages but are connected not only by their name.

Double Bet

The main attractions of this event are  the artisan walk offering regional products . Also shows of all kinds: from  music to dances, dances and unreleased numbers  are presented on the stage of the main square.This festival  is a   benchmark in northern Cordovan.  coincides with the  homeland holiday of independence : July 9 falls, and that is why it is  a double holiday. In addition, there was  a food court that reveals a  tradition hidden behind each dish.  And where the idiosyncrasy of the village is shown through its flavors. Obviously, as coincides with Independence Day, there are empanadas, locro and humita, the main dishes of the national dates.  But the most famous of Quilino's gastronomy is never missing: the roast kid. This dish is the most desired by the whole community of northern Cordobés, actually, by all Cordobese. Eating kid in Quilino is to have a free pass to paradise.

Mandale Mandale

As in all events that celebrate the production  of some food, their derived products cannot be missing. In this case,  the provincial festival of tangerine is citrus paradise.  The artisanal production derived from tangerine is lush and at the event you can find a range of different types.  Liquors, sweets, alfajores, puddings and jams, which are a delight.  Although there are also productions of other types typical of northern custom. For example, the  rice of pea and carob products.  

The Provincial Festival of La Mandarina is  free and free admission,  allowing all neighbors and tourists who come to enjoy. In addition, it is a  very important source of work for the town,  for its artisans and its micro entrepreneurs. Quilino  revives and is revived  every time he celebrates tangerine.

Publication Date: 16/10/2020

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