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Three national holidays in La Pampa

Engineer Luiggi, Eduardo Castex and Victorica receive three national holidays.

Tres fiestas nacionales en La Pampa

 The  Patagonian  province of  La Pampa  has three national festivities , which call forntilde; or a year to thousands of conterers. The cities that dress up for the celebrations are  Engineer Luiggi, Eduardo Castex and Victorica .

 National Horse Festival and Tradition 

The city of Ingeniero Luiggi, located in the cereal area par excellence, northeast of  La Pampa , hosts the National Horse and Tradition Festival every year in January.  The town was founded in 1910 and owes its name to the engineer Luis Luiggi , he was the one who made the plans of the village.

 The origins of the popular festival date back to 1973 , although a year before it had thought of as a night jineteada, but it grew, it was transformed into a celebration with jineteada and riding, and then incorporated the parades of emprenadados and tropillas established through the streets, which were would become tradition.

 In 2014  came recognition from the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and was declared a National Horse and Tradition Festival  , with an offer of events for all tastes.

Start with duck, polo and creole jumping activities while the first night is for young people, with the participation of local artists and cumbia groups.

Saturday starts the different categories of jineteada, which is a classification for the next day, to close with national artistic shows.

 National Wheat and Bread Festival 

Also in January, usually in the second half, the  National Wheat and Bread Festival takes place in Eduardo Castex . The city was founded in 1908 and is considered the  provincial capital of wheat. 

The festival lasts 9 days, kicks off with a “Night-Trigo-Fest”, which kicks off a busy week of activities in the town.

One of the most popular events is the trigueras event, in which the provincial champions are chosen who will later participate in the national tournament in Leones, Cordoba, as well as the tasting of artisanal bread produced by bakers in the region. The traditional closing takes place on the central night, with the choice of the queen and the performance of local and national artists.

Like the National Horse and Tradition Festival, Wheat and Bread gained national character in 2014 and deserved recognition was given to the popular celebration that, since 1946, has been celebrating the pampean agro.

 National Livestock Festival of the Oeste Pampeano 

Victorica is adorned every February to receive for “eight moons and sun” the National Livestock Festival of Oeste Pampeano, which welcomes horsemen from all over the country to go out to the dressage camp. The town is also the first to be founded in Pampean territory in 1882 by Colonel Ernesto Rodríguez, following the desert landscape .

 The origins of the celebration date back to the 1960s to spread the cultural manifestations of the region. 

As well as jineteadas of the different categories, the public can tour the trade show and the exhibition of artisans, which are also complemented by samples of silverware, Creole soguery and free workshops for those interested.

There is also a parade with tropillas, undertaken and floats with the candidates for queen. After the musical shows and the election of the sovereign of the Pampas Oeste Livestock, the local folklore rocks continue with the festival until dawn.

Three proposals to enjoy the pampean summer surrounded by a traditional and well Argentinian climate. And you, do you have a favorite popular party or do you go to three?

Publication Date: 21/10/2020

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