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This original water festival

Pujato Norte is a town in Santa Fe that organizes a water party without having swimming pools or beaches.

 fiesta del agua 

Pujato Norte is a municipality in the Department of Las Colonias, Santa Fe. It is located on Provincial Route No. 6. It is at the height of 63 km, eight kilometers down a rural road . 40 kilometers from the capital of Santafesina, Pujato Norte is a hamlet of less than 200 people . However, the village houses a beautiful and original tradition: the water festival.

Its inhabitants named their festival in that way, because the town is crossed by the Guarani Aquifer . This is considered the third largest world freshwater reserve. Just from this aquifer the water that the neighbors consume is extracted.  It is lucky and proud for the locality to have such a valuable resource . That is why the festival is celebrated in March, because the 22nd of that month is the international day of water.

Like all the popular festivals in Santa Fe, this meeting has a whole program of shows. It is  a party oriented to the whole family , in addition to a festival that grows year by year and has more and more prestigious. It has buffet service and planks arranged to be able to dine. People can also bring their own armchairs, chairs or tables to be comfortable. In addition, there is a property with activities,  games for boys, craftsmen and various types of recreation . All looking for the family to have a good time.

Admission is free and free. For such a small neighborhood, the organization is a great effort and a challenge.

The place of realization is the property of the Cooperative of the water plant. This is located “in front of the Christ” and', when the holiday is held, the access on the route is marked and signposted by Road Safety personnel.

 And what is Christ this?  

Year by year, the villagers are waiting for its celebration with great expectation. Especially because,  for its date of completion, there are usually several days of good weather . Maximum temperatures of 30 degrees and spectacular nights to be on the premises outdoors.

The water supply and multiple services cooperative in the town of Pujato Norte is located opposite the so-called Cristo del Recuerdo. The space where this cross of memory is located leads to reflection, to prayer. Therefore, it is visited by hundreds of people who  carry their offerings and destined them to the most needy.  

This Christ of Memory was carved by a Chilean sculptor at the request of people from the Commune. The work was done in the field of a family on Route 6, in Pujato Norte jurisdiction. For the work done, the place was visited by residents of Pujato, Esperanza, Franck and San Carlos, among other locations, to observe the development of  the work that was enthroned by the former bishop of Santa Fe, Monsignor Arancedo, in 2011 .

The cross has been present on our continent since the time of the first evangelization. As a symbol of faith, many Christians approach to contemplate the cross of Pujato Norte.

It's crazy to go to a water party where there are no beach or swimming pools . It's just that, like in every aquifer, what we have in Pujato Norte is underground waters.  Vital waters for a small group of 200 people  living in a few houses near Santa Fe capital. Water they decide to celebrate, at the foot of the Cross.

Publication Date: 14/03/2021

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