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The Queen’s Crown: the most precious jewel of the Vintage

The only thing vintage queens are queens is because of their crown. Where did he come from? What is it
| 06 March, 2020 |

The real character of the National Harvest Festival brings the crown of the queens. It’s just that these wouldn’t be queens if they didn’t pose. for a few seconds, with the crown of precious stones and the scepter. Although it should be noted that it is only used by the National Queen and, only, at the time she is elected, on the Greek theatre, the night of the central act. Then the secrets of the object more precious.

The queen’s crown is made with 200 grams of gold, 600 grams of silver, 3 carat of rhinestones, 3 carat of sapphires and 1 carat and a half carat of emeralds. This makes it worth approximately $13,000.

Your story

Everything goes back to the year 1994, when they stole the crown of the Vintage Queen, which was made of metal such as copper or bronze. Here comes into play the renowned jewelry mendocine, Vendemmia. Its owner, Enzo, recalls: “Right at a jewelry store event, my sister saw a brooch that was a vine and said to me, ‘Look, for the queen of the Harvest’, and it seemed to me a great idea.” And, as a good entrepreneur, all the ideas come true: “Then I proposed it to the culture authorities. of that year. And Luis Rosales, the director of Tourism, gave me the parameters. He told me it had to be a folkloric crown, the same size. that the crown was stolen.”

The dream was done, Enzo would make a crown that would remain for all posterity: “I summoned two designers from Buenos Aires and the idea arose that the crown would also be an ambassador from Mendoza, apart from the queen. It had to have all the elements that characterize our province, such as our flora and fauna, our history and geography. That is why, if you look in detail, you can see , in the center, the epic Sanmartinian. It also has mountains, vines, arrowheads, guanacos, barrels, etc.” And the work was very hard, “we spent between 6 and 8 months to finish it. It was started in 1995.”

But, as seen in the typical photos of queens, the crown is accompanied by the scepter. In this regard, Vendemmia stressed: “The scepter is a vine branch. We took hundreds of them until we found the prettier. That’s the one we polished and the one we gave a whole finish to. The mango is the horn of abundance that is in the coat of arms of the province.”

Your maintenance

“ We promised to donate it, but on the condition that we would also be in charge of maintaining and guarding it. That’s why we do different jobs every year, like putting a falling stone back, or polishing it.” Obviously, having it is a decoy for customers to enter their jewelry store: “We, until the 2013 robbery (the next day it was returned), exhibited it in the stained-glass window of our jewelry and it was amazing how many people came in just to see the crown.”

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