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The Provincial Festival of Pineapple in Colonia Aurora

The Provincial Festival of Ananá will be next Saturday 22 February, in the town of Colonia Aurora, province of Misiones. We tell you what it is.


In Colonia Aurora, province of  Misiones , the Provincial Festival of Anana is held every year. It will be on Saturday 22 February in honor of one of its main fruits.  The city of Aurora is the birthplace of pineapple . Located on the border with the Federative Republic of Brazil, the town is the main Argentine producer. One of the reasons for this is that the warm region is ideal for its cultivation. This is because pineapple is a tropical fruit that does not tolerate frost.

The new edition of the Provincial Festival of Pineapple comes this year with a varied proposal.  In the event there will be tasting of typical products, lunch, queen's choice and live shows .

The opening ceremony will begin at 10, in the “Rio de la Plata” Hall of the Capital of Anana. It will be attended by local producers and artists. A large family lunch will be held at noon. Subsequently, from 14, the election of the King and Queen Kids will take place. Children up to 9 years will participate in the selection in a real festive setting with free and free admission.

Later, from 21, the election of the Provincial Queen of Pineapple will be held. The closing will be done in pure music, by musician Jorge Ratoski and the participation of guest DJs.

 Did you try the pineapple of Colonia Aurora? 

 Colonia Aurora  is a tourist place that offers sustainable agricultural productions. From the settler straight to the table!  Its plantations are completely natural, without any type of agrochemicals that alter the properties of the fruit . In this way, you get a pineapple with a sweet and original taste. According to local producers, it grows alone, like everything that is planted in  Misiones . Its cultivation does not demand a lot of labor, nor does it require too much care. “It is not a plant that needs as much water, as to install an irrigation system, the same rains are usually enough. The main care is to cover them from the sun, clean and spray them,” explains Carlos Muller, producer in the area.

Publication Date: 18/02/2020

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