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The Plum National Festival is coming

The department of General Alvear, one of the largest producers of plums, organizes a new edition of the traditional event.
| 06 February, 2020 |

The 19th edition of the Plum National Festival will take place in the Bowen district, from 6 to 9 February. This celebration was born in homage to farmers and one of the main activities of General Alvear and the province of Mendoza, which is the production of plum. Mendoza is the fourth largest exporter of plums in the country . And within it, the departments of General Alvear and San Rafael are the main producers of this fruit. This party is a great tribute to all those doers. It started with a group of friends celebrating that plum really was a budget option for the whole department.

The Agenda

Opening, February 6, with artisans and food courtyards. On the 7th, with Abel Pintos and the coronation of the National Queen of the Plum. On the 8th with artistic numbers and on February 9th, from 17, there will be an international jockey.

It should be noted that admission is completely free, except for the night of Abel Pintos. In this case, tickets can be purchased on the website with limited space. “We want people to get close to Bowen, they can enjoy our artists and our gastronomy,” the department authorities say.

With this panorama, thousands of Mendoza are expected to arrive and tourists to enjoy the Plum National Festival, not only for the artistic numbers and gastronomic offer, but also for the sense of identity and belonging that awakens the production of plums in that area of our province. Year after year, it is very common to see entire farmer families join each one of the nights.

Tourism in Alvear

The month of January was excellent, expectations have been surpassed. with high average occupancy. Most visited was Faraón Winery, Rafael Reinoso Museum, Honey Theme Park, Laguna Municipal and Wineries in general.

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