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The Peña (virtual) of May 25

The Ministry of Culture of the province of Tierra del Fuego spared no resources to celebrate the homeland date: find out all about the virtual rock.


The Ministry of Culture of Tierra del Fuego, through its Facebook and Instagram @CulturaTDF, launched a party in the form of a virtual rock to receive on May 25 with all the pomp it deserves. It began on Sunday 24 May at 22 hours, with the live broadcast full of artists, music, dance, poetry, drawing and even cultural trivias. If you feel nostalgic, you can still watch the video here.

May 25, 2020 in Tierra del Fuego

The Virtual Peña began with an emotional presentation that pointed out the importance of staying at home to take care of us. Angel “Chiqui” Reynoso opened the show and, among the musicians who followed and delighted us, were Priscila Benitez Gaona, the group Desvelos (each from their house), Yamila Leiva, Facundo Agüero, Mica Sancho accompanied by Fede Montenegro and Nico Chazarreta. They continued the duo Monte Adentro and part of the Shenukenk Group. At 12 o'clock the stanzas of the Argentine Anthem were sung and the festivities continued with Jorge Pérez and Diego del Estal.

Among the various shows were presented simultaneously videos of works being painted and drawn by Omar Juárez and Diego Buey. There was also dance by Julio Nievas with his companion and the workshops of Folkloric Danzas of the Ministry of Culture. Mention should be made of the stimulating author's poetry recited by Gladys Mabel Moya. All peppered with cultural trivia for the “assistants” to respond in the comments. It was a total rock, a wonder of living in these times .

It is essential to highlight the words of the provincial director of Cultural Management, Aureliano Rodríguez Gómez, who emphasized the importance of remaining united in this context of socialisolation and be part of a great family celebration in the form of this rock. Among other issues, the official recalled that, since the beginning of compulsory isolation by coronavirus , the Cultural Secretariat of Land of the Fuego has started a series of virtual activities from its social networks that include a multiplicity of workshops and plays.

In a world of social estrangement, the virtual connects us, unites us and allows us to share a moment of relief in the solitude of the pandemic.

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Publication Date: 27/05/2020

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