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The one that is part of rock: the peperina

We tell you all about this plant that grows in the mountains of Cordoba, and fills us with flavors the
| 03 January, 2020 |

For matting, tea or drinks. For tummy pain or allergies . Pepperine is the most consumed herb in Córdoba, and grows the most in the Sierras. In the heart of the city of Córdoba, you can see people with bouquets of pepperine to sell. They bring it from the Sierras, as it is an autochthonous wild aromatic plant. It grows everywhere, and we use it for everything.

Yes ,

yes. you throw the tent somewhere in the province of Córdoba, something is not going to missing: peperin. And, if you go to the house of a Cordovan, either. With cedar and pepperine, the cordobeses We put together a rich yuyeao mate. All The yuyos that grow on this earth are magical.

The Peperina sweetens the soul and kills them. It is so that he recently introduced himself a project to preserve this species and declare it Flor Provincial. And also to get to know her a little bit more, driving your study. The legislator who proposed it said that one of the aims of the project is to “establish the indigenous peperina as a symbol or an emblem rather than represent us to the Cordobes. And that, at the same time, rules that regulate their exploitation in order to prevent their extinction and without prejudice to those who live from that activity.” It is that, in addition to being part of our aromatic preferred, constitutes an economic income for many families.

We’re not the only ones

It also grows and is consumed in Paraguay. In certain areas of Northeast Argentina, such as Formosa, it is also known as “Menta’í”. Its uses are the same: infusion, flavoring terere or mate. Good thing we’re not the only ones who can enjoy this yuyo. But only we made it part of Argentine rock. Charly Garcia who tells us

“ (…) a good story

that of a girl who lived the euphoria

to be part of rock

drinking pepperine tea.”

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