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The National Feast of the Piedmontese Family is Cordoba

Have you heard of this tradition before? This Piedmontese festival is famous in the province, and is celebrated every year in Luque.

fiesta de la familia piamontesa

The chosen seat of every year is Luque.  This town is located in the department of Río Segundo, and is where the    National Feast  of the Piedmontese Family .  Its 46th edition will be held  in 2020. And that's why we tell you a little what it's all about.

This meeting aims  to venerate Italian traditions . This is because the population of this area of Córdoba has many ancestors from Piedmont. That is why this tradition invites us to learn a little more about the  European roots  that were mixed in our family trees. This is an event of great convocation, which is expected by all Cordoba. Every year different music bands, artists participate and a  gastronomic fair  is always held that delights us with unique flavors. The Italian-Argentinian dishes are of the most varied and unmissable.

Despite worshiping Piedmontese culture, we obviously put our seasoning on it. We always invite  quartet bands . And, of course, we set up the floor to dance a few  quartets . This year Q Lokura, La Barra and Destino San Javier were chosen for this  Italian-Cordoba celebration .

 A little bit of history 

This Piemontesa Festival arises with the idea of giving worship to the  Italian immigrants  who came to work in the Argentine lands. Piedmont immigration took place in Argentina  around the years 1876 and 1915 . The reasons are varied: the war, the economic and agricultural crisis, and more. That's why many farmers came from the other side of the pond to get land to work and get food. And from that moment, many Argentine families were born, with Italian customs.

 This festival   was born in 1973 , with the idea of preserving and  celebrating Piedmontese culture . From there it keeps growing and renewing itself. What makes it unique is the food court. It is the perfect event to end with a  full belly and a happy heart . Because all dishes have their peculiarity. Obviously, the stars of the festival are pasta. However, there are thousands of options. Let's try them!

Publication Date: 02/04/2020

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