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The MotoEncuentro, a party that forges routerous friendships

September marked 24 years since Diamante's motorcycle encounter revolutionized the scene with its thousands of wheels on the streets.

El Motoencuentro

A   caravan  of exhaust pipes  that  roar  for  five whole days  . When you ask about the places of origin, we will find a   salad  of  cities   . The expressions that are observed are of  happiness, celebration and anxiety  about what is to live. The  Diamond Motorcycle Encounter  is an  Entrerrian symbol    that has been held every year since  1996  . There, we will be able to observe  motorcycles of all colors and styles . Some smaller and others immense. Attendees invade the town and proudly exhibit their models.  So put on your helmet and get ready to know an authentic tradition that overflows .

The festival takes place  every September , with  Saturday being the  most important day . In the afternoon, there is the  expected parade of motorcyclists  that surround the whole town. Thus,  rows of more than 11 kilometers of  motorcycles are assembled that travel with the accompaniment of the neighbors.  Nobody  wants to miss a tremendous moment, so people go out to the  streets   to contemplate it and applaud  the participants. While, the rest of the time, the iron runs through the landscapes, the hills and the river. In addition, they participate in the  various activities proposed by the organization . Some of them are jumps, acrobatics, visits and excursions around the place and the region.

 A tourist attraction turned into an emblem 

In its beginning it was called  MotoEncuentro in Two Wheels City of Diamante . It was an initiative of the local  municipality  , realized through the Department of Sports and Tourism. The first editions had a  joint work  with the  program En Dos Ruedas  (televised by Cablevisión Noticias, CVN). However, from  1999  he was placed solely  under the authority of the State Agency  , thereby  renaming his name  . The event was renamed  MotoEncuentro Internacional Diamante . A fact that ended up materializing when in  2001  it was  declared a Provincial Festival  by Provincial Law No. 9329.

Over the years, the event ended up becoming one of the  most anticipated calendar dates of its kind in South America  . Its  growth  was so  impressive  that it  gained relevance both within the country and beyond our  borders   . Several factors had to do for this to happen. Undoubtedly, the presence of important firms such as Harley Davison and the top proposals of each edition contributed significantly. Let's not talk about the warmth with which diamonds welcome their visitors.  Where is it? magic happens in the  Ensenada Valley , a property that requires constant maintenance for the expected date.    Thanks to the work of various municipal areas it is ready for adrenaline.

 A lot of rock, baby 

One of the  most central condiments  of Motoencuentro is  music  .  And not just anyone, but rock. Tons . In fact, the  first artist  to perform for the audience was  Pappo Nappolitano  himself. This is why  today  the  main stage bears the name of Norberto “Pappo” Napolitano  , where all musicians are proud to play. In addition, Pre Band contests are held on street boards, to select the lucky ones to show their art to thousands of people.

 Grids  are always  designed  for  iron lovers  . In this sense, it was also possible to count on the presentations of  renowned regional and national bands . Among the most renowned of the last group were Las Pelotas, Attaque 77, La Mancha de Rolando, A.N.I.M.A.L and Rata Blanca.  You want a choripan waving his head, don't you? 

Publication Date: 27/10/2020

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