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The Milking Party

In El Trébol, the dairy village of Santa Fe, they gather for a weekend to exalt the milking machine. Thousands of visitors enjoy the meeting.

La Fiesta de la Ordeñadora

In the city of El Trébol, belonging to the department of San Martín, province of Santa Fe, the National Milking Festival  takes place every two years  . Important national  dairy  center, in this locality pays homage with  dances  , recitals and various artistic events to the production and trade in the area.

From the beginning, the region had vast expanses of land, good water resources and an abundant workforce, especially since the end of the 19th century.  Among all its towns and cities, El Trébol was the most vibrant and productive . It is around this economic pole that, since 1984, the milking party has been held.

This celebration was born as an idea of  Club Atlético Trebolense,  where it continues to take place, usually in the month of November. Activities extend for three days, in which the city enjoys a festive atmosphere. There are shows of musical groups, the choice of the queen of beauty of the place and an extensive register of social events. A varied gastronomic selection, mega parades, humorous shows, prize draws and the performance of  celebrities from the national foklore. 

Los Nocheros, El Chaqueño Palavecino,  Soledad Pastorutti  and Alejandro Lerner were among other distinguished artists. All this, without neglecting the participation of the Ballet of the city of El Trébol, which is in charge of the opening of the shows, delighting with its dance that is also presented as a recreation of  the life and history of the tamberos whom it seeks to pay tribute. 

 Not everything is jolly. 

Since its inception, the festival has been supported by the Municipality. Also,  from its origins, it was linked to the productive sectors , both agribusiness and trade. It was the latter that, over the years, gave it a new impetus, as the celebration became an opportunity to position the local industry at the provincial and national levels. In this way, the  talks with various speakers in the dairy field, trainings  and other meetings of producers were incorporated.

This is how it is a celebration that allows local producers, but also those  from neighboring towns or provinces, to meet  in El Trébol in order to assess the state of the sector. With the support of the Santafecino Government, the Municipality and various local social associations, both men linked to the field and the inhabitants of the city continue to participate every year in conferences, talks and  training . The purpose of the organizers is twofold. First of all, the interest lies in carrying out the festivity in order to continue positioning El Trébol in the center of productive reference in the central-west area of the province of Santa Fe. Secondly, the intention is to generate a forum for meeting and exchange of knowledge and experiences among all those involved in the productive, commercial and financial issues related to  the dairy industry, one of the most important at national level. 

At the milking party, El Trébol celebrates the social and economic tradition related to dairy production. But, at the same time, and based on the new challenges posed by the contemporary world, it becomes an ideal space to assess and discern the future of the industry. 

Publication Date: 03/08/2020

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