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The Mendomate

Mate is a national tradition. But each region or province has its own way of taking it. The Mendocino mate is prepared for every taste.

El mendomate

Matt. That word that defines us. This practice that unites us and strengthens our relations. That drink that energizes us. That element that cannot be missing in a trip, however short it may be.  Mate   is a factor by which  foreigners  can look at us strangely . A container with herbs inside to which water is placed and, with an aspirator, the water flavored by the herbs is sucked. The truth is, seeing it from the outside, it has all the appearance of a profane  ritual  . However, Argentines understand very well that this is our favorite breakfast or half afternoon. And in Mendoza we perceive it in the same way.  Mendocino mate is taken with friends and sometimes with typical yuyos of the area. 

We Mendoza see mate as a means or channel through which we do another activity. We study, watch TV or chat with friends. Although  there are also the most fans who take mate as their main practice. Alone or with other people, the topic is to take mate. It doesn't matter if they chat or if they're watching TV or some show, the theme is to take mate.  


Mendocine mate, in essence, does not differ much from the traditional mate that is taken throughout our country: a mate, yerba and bulb. The formula does not fail. However, as in each region, there are some idioms that make this drink unique in Mendoza.  As for the matte-making material, there are many options, the most commonly used being wood, pumpkin and ceramics.  

On the  bulb  there is not much to add, except that there are some wooden ones, but in general, they are metallic. And finally, the most important thing: the weed. It's the key.  Nothing changes the taste of mate like the weed itself . That is, for example, that the material of the matte does not dent in its taste. A pumpkin or wood mate hardly gives a different taste to our drink. Just like with the bulb. However, the subject is different with yerba.

Yerba  can be  with stick or without stick , which will make the bitter taste more or less strong. On the other hand, the yerba itself has its own characteristics, relating the brands to the flavors. Thus, some come prepared with orange peel or any other citrus peel.Although, on occasion, you can buy a more neutral weed and put the husks of the fruits you want . 

 Yuyo Mendoza 

In addition to the fruit husks mentioned above, in the Mendocino mate  a little bit of native yuyos such as donkey, cedar or mint is mixed with the yerba . He has even taken some mate with the typical jarilla of our beautiful mountain.  What needs to be taken into account is that the yoke must be cut and left to dry before taking it into the mate . Thus, its taste will be more defined and it will be easier to grind the leaves into small pieces to better distribute them within the mate.

 Healing properties   

A group of researchers and fellows from Mendoza have established that taking mate reduces the percentages of cholesterol and triglycerides and advances in studies to confirm the hypothesis that it helps reduce obesity and increases protection against prostate cancer. The study proved, for example, that obese patients who consumed mate had lower cholesterol than others.  It worked on 360 volunteers and incorporated mate into their daily diets for 3 months. They were able to demonstrate that regular consumption of mate reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels by 10% to 15%.  

Publication Date: 07/08/2020

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