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The ingredient that dominates Christmas tables

At our end of the year tables, there is one ingredient that repeats most of the dishes: mayonnaise. Have you
El ingrediente que domina las mesas navideñas
| 24 December, 2019 |

Like all tradition, Christmas is full of small customs that are repeated year by year. Some vary from home at home; others replicate at all. And, if we talk about customs in Argentina, food can not be missed. Our life is organized around the table, and the Christmas table is particularly special. Today we want to highlight, without however, the mysterious presence of an ingredient in many of the typical dishes of this era: mayonnaise. Why is it synonymous with Christmas ?

Vitel toné

Vitel toné arrived from Italy and settled forever on our tables. It is finely cut meat, accompanied by a sauce with tuna, oil, anchovies and capers. And always she: mayonnaise.

Stuffed tomatoes

Or stuffed eggs. It can be seen that, for these dates, the one that is going to fill in. Ingredients vary, but always there’s someone who takes care of bringing tomatoes or stuffed eggs. Fillings of the whatever, but always with mayonnaise.

Russian salad

Potatoes, carrots and peas. Some of you puts olives and there is also one who adds chicken (and turns it into —of course “bird mayonnaise”). To all this, we add a lot of mayonnaise.


The pionono is a classic of the parties. Among the classic ingredients are tomato, lettuce, cheese, cooked ham and boiled eggs. But what did we attach to the pioneer before add all this? Mayonnaise, of course.

Pancake Tower

It has different names (my mom, for example, it calls it “Mexican hat”), but it is basically a tower of pancakes — literally — with different ingredients between layer and layer. AND What do we smear each pancake? Yeah, you guessed.

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