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El Hugo del Carril: a classic of Cordovan cinema

If you are in Córdoba and want to enjoy local, international, alternative or classic cinema, you will find your function in Hugo del Carril.

El Hugo del Carril

 Cineclub Hugo del Carril  opened in the midst of the crisis of 2001. And from then on it was generating his fame. This space is built as  one of the keys to Cordovan cinema . It is part of the Cordovan identity and the artistic world of the province. Located in Bv. San Juan 49, in a busy area of the city, the cineclub offers   unique functions . Little by little it was growing and the technical teams were improving. Today, the cineclub can  accommodate 200 people  in its showroom.

This cinema projects works from thousands of places around the world. Of all kinds, genres and times. The works selected by the staff of the cineclub enable infinite analysis. This space aims to  diversify the ways of living cinema . Ways to feel it and beat it. Therefore, it targets a  varied audience , of all ages and genders, with an accessible entrance.

 More than a cinema 

More than a cinema, it is a  cultural center , a  point of divergence , a place of action and construction.   Cycles, workshops, seminars and meetings are held in this space. In addition, very enriching moments of debate are generated. The Hugo del Carril is cinema, auditorium, minicine, library and bar, as it has a space dedicated to each function. It also has four administrative offices and a beautiful courtyard, heart of apple.

This municipal cinema club is a character of   Cordovan culture  . Filmmakers from this province find in it a place of support and growth. Always betting on self-managing cinema, alternative options and aiming at a  conformation of a diverse cinema .

 All to Hugo del Carril 

The  Association of Friends of the  Municipal Cineclub   was founded in 2002, in order to generate partners of this space. Today, this partnership is constituted as one of the economic pillars. Thanks to each of the contributors, Hugo del Carril  organizes cultural,  educational  and artistic activities . From Monday to Monday the cinema is open with performances and workshops. Cinema doesn't sleep, and neither do we. His cycles are super interesting. And when conditions enable it, the directors of the exhibited works are invited to the debate. Let's go to the movies, go to Hugo del Carril!

Publication Date: 22/08/2020

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