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The great battle of saints correntinos

In Corrientes there are saints for a while. There are Catholics and pagans, canonized and popular. Do you know who gets the most followers?


The province of Corrientes is a land of faith, of all kinds and colors. There are many pilgrimages, like to the Virgin of Itatí.  There are saints and saints canonized, with their roles in order, and there are the others too . Those dear and popular, but who forgot to go to register for the Catholic Church. Who are they? The famous  Gauchito Gil,   San la Muerte,  Antonio Maria, Gaucho Lera (Olegario Alvarez), Camba Palito,  Pilarcite  and many more.

 The popularity of these pagan saints is rising on  Correntine soil  . A clear demonstration is what happens in the santerias of the capital of Corrientes. Time ago, the best-selling items for these businesses belonged mostly to the Catholic religion. Products dedicated to clandestine or  pagan  cults were only marketed in hidden ways. And today? Today the ones who break it in sales are the Saints Nac & Pop.

 A clear example is the devotion to San La Muerte,  where its commercialization doubled in the different shops. What was previously asked quietly and with shame, in recent years is purchased normally, as if it were any Catholic saint.

 Top of holy influencers 

The war of saints correntinos has been declared a long time ago. The  Catholic Church  does what it can, but the patrons of the head are no longer chosen because they are of one or another religion, but because of their popular devotion. These are some of the most popular and most pagan in the land of taragui.

 1. Gauchito Gil:  Every January 8, some 300,000 followers with red flags and garments gather to honor this  miraculous saint. The mercedeño bandolero is not exclusive to Corrientes, but has its main sanctuary at the edge of Route 124.

 2. San La Muerte : Saint famous throughout Latin America, in  Corrientes  is known for helping to get a job or not lose it. Find lost things, get someone's love, or just get revenge.

 3. Antonio Maria : This is the holy healer of  the Iberá Esteros . In its sanctuary there is a large cross painted in celestial because he is a fervent militant of the Liberal Party. There, devotees gather to pray a prayer or ask for their miraculous intercession.

 4. La Pilarcite:  Better known as “the holy girl”, La Pilarcita was a girl who tragically lost her life a hundred years ago. From that day on, it became the center of devotion of the people of  Correntino . Ribbons and flags, a candle and a doll are used to worship it. Getting to your sanctuary is no easy task. You have to travel about 250 kilometres from the capital of Correntina and enter the department of Concepción. It's 22 kilometers of rattles, until we reach a precarious and old construction. There is the sanctuary of La Pilarcita.

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Publication Date: 20/06/2020

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