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The Feast of the Immigrant and much of us in Oberá

Oberá and his communities make Misiones an invitation to live the European and Guarani influence during the Festival of the
17 November, 2019

Oberá is home to one of the most important and traditional festivals of Argentines, as well as the immigrants. About 150 ago Argentina and Latin America were few populated, and had a better socio-political situation than Europe. This led to great waves of immigrants seeing our country as a possible point of development and growth.

In those days, Oberá was not known that way. It was in 1928 that it acquired that name and went from an immigrant colony to a city. This was made possible by the development that the Swedes, Germans, Norwegians, Finns, Denmarkers, Poles, Italians, Ukrainians, Russians had driven with the original Guarani.

The party

Every September this festival brings together thousands of people, it is a tourist attraction in Oberá. Each community has the opportunity to share with others its culture, expressed in dances, music and handicrafts. The festivities grow year by year, new activities are added.

Food is one of the main ways to participate in a different culture. It is perhaps the noblest example of sharing customs in the world. And on the Feast of the Immigrant will not miss. Each community offers its own local meals. Many meals that have ceased to be an immigrant custom and are part of the Argentinebeing.

In Oberá religion is part of many cultures and has its space. Christians make the Way of the Cross for Migrants and Refugees, passing through houses typical of their communities and praying the Father Our each in their own language.

There are sporting events such as football, tennis, chess, the volleyball, the trick, among many others. Any immigrant, especially a European, brings with it a strong monarchic culture. This means that, in Oberá, the choice of kings and queens of the holiday be one of the most expected and that they enjoy the most.

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