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The Entrerriana jacket: from dance to melody

In October, the National Day of the Chamarrita was celebrated. But what does this concept mean? Let's take a look at the littoral tradition.

Even if it is not an Entrerrian invention, we eventually made it our own.  The little jacket came by the hand of the  immigrants  . Then, it was  adapted to Entre Ríos  and from the native soil it was possible to extend throughout Argentina. Is it eaten?Do you dance?Do you hear it? Well, in principle it is a  dance native to the Azores Islands, in Portugal . From there, he traveled with the new visitors to the south of Brazil, went down Uruguay and finally settled in the province.  Although he did not do it without undergoing modifications  along the way  . In this sense, it acquired the imprint of the places visited in each region we name. Therefore, it is  called  in different ways:  “chimarrita”, “marrita”, “jacket”  .

 Artistic Tuning 

The jacket was influenced by Brazilian Fandango and Polca. Arriving in Entre Ríos in the  19th century ,   the Volga Germans  joined the rhythm with the accordion or “greenguler”. Which counted two rows and eight lows. There are even those who say that the men who rode with cattle incorporated it into their long journeys. In this way, the clutching they made in circulating gave them the tempo of which he would have been born.  This dance is commonly practiced without a fixed choreography . Thus, the members of the couples dance in a loose or linked way, with different steps, but coordinated at the same time. The dynamics are quick and cheerful, so rounds are set up between the dancers.

At the same time,  take steps from the chamamé , including typical pounding and shaking. As  it does with the cat , by recreating the turns of this. And let's not talk about the outfits, which accompany the synchrony. The ladies consists of a wide skirt, with petticoat and ruffles, sleeveless shirt or short sleeves, and neckline with ruffles. They are also styled with braids, espadrilles and silk scarf around the neck. While the gentleman wears a wide panties, black or red girdle, leggings and espadrilles. Finally, they complete it with plain, checkered or striped shirt, beret or hat, and silk scarf.

 Sponsor the little jacket 

It was only with the  exhaustive work of the artist  Linares Cardozo   that the little jacket  gained significance  . From there on, it was established as the characteristic musical rhythm and part of the Entrerrian identity.  It is that the composer carried out research never before done until the moment where he collected sound material . Later, along with Santos Tala, he ended up spreading the genre throughout the provincial territory. Step by step, the autochthonous style of the coast managed to massify nationally and hit the envy thanks to the duo of Parana singers from Los Hermanos Cuestas. The key moment took place in 1963, where they recorded the “Song of coastal lullaby” and “Like the birds”, of the immense Linares.

The singer Víctor Acosta in his book La Chamarrita Entreriana: Su Historia y su Influencia Cultural made curious statements about the genre. There, he stated that this was  adopted by the various social classes of musicians and dancers . In this way, it ended up becoming  the medium by which poets, authors and composers are expressed . With the profound aim of reflecting the  culture  of this region of Argentina. However, there were different reasons that led to the little jacket  losing vigor . To this day there are no new artists who want to renew it.  But every October 29 she is remembered along with her biggest driver, Linares, on the day of her birth .

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