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The end of the monarchy

The organization of the Carnival of Lincoln (Buenos Aires) decided, for the first time in 130 years, to eliminate the
| 06 February, 2020 |

We are living in a time of change, breaking old paradigms, rethinking many questions that were naturalized in our society. In the framework of a deconstructionprocess that we are all going through, certain traditions are becoming obsolete. But, far from leaving them behind, resignifying them is a good way. There go the organizers of the Lincoln Artisanal Carnival, in the province of Buenos Aires, who decided to completely change the Queen’s election, which was based only on the “ beauty” of the contestants.

That’s right: as of this year, no there will be more Carnival Queen . No princesses, no scepter. With that, you will ends a tradition of 130 years, in order to stop stimulating beauty stereotypes that no longer go. No more babes dreaming of being the the prettiest girl in town, or girls competing for being the most beautiful, parading in swimwear, judged only by their appearance.

The choice of the queen will be replaces women ambassadors: women with “social values”, chosen for their achievements in self-improvement, for cultural knowledge and the Community commitments they have undertaken. Candidates for Ambassador Cultural represent neighborhood clubs, clubs, mutual relief societies and music bands, among others.

Lincoln Carnival

Every year, the whole town works to prepare for Carnival: comparsas, murgas and a parade of floats adorn the event in which, this year — for the first time — will be competing by a collective of more than 50 women in the Puppets category.

In addition to a celebration, the Carnival is a manifestation of collective creativity to interpret social reality. It is deeply rooted in the idiosyncrasy of the people Linquian.

Today, they are driving a change that touches us all, men and women. Hopefully that, one day, we can get rid of the stereotypes that limit us and prevent us from moving forward.

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