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The dance: what the cordobeses dance

Cordoba moves to the rhythm of the quartet, we know that. But here we tell you everything about dancing, the most important ritual for the Cordoba people.


From the cradle to the drawer, the genre that musicalizes the life of the people of Cordoba is the quartet. In neighborhoods, at work, in advertising and at different events, a quatrain is never missing. There is nothing that in the world of Cordoba cannot be solved with an invitation to dance and a pritiau in between.

The custom of dancing is a constituent of Cordoba's culture. It's so, that we have schedules and schedules to know which ones are going to to be in the week. The proposals are very many and from Monday to Monday throughout throughout the province.

Of course, the most famous and busiest is the Sarge dance where the Mona Jiménez makes us move with its rhythms. Monumental Sargento Cabral is the Cordoba temple, and its ritual par excellence is the dance of CMJ. Another of the leading personalities of the quartet throughout the country is the Rodrigo Potro. Despite his short career, he remains one of the most recognized in Argentina.

Who didn't dance some quatrain of these two at some family celebration, marriage or together between Friends?

Beyond La Mona

Is there a quartet beyond La Mona? The answer is yes. Today Córdoba offers a very wide variety of bands. With more or less trajectory, each musical ensemble has its faithful little group that follows it everywhere. Between the bands and most listened to artists are the band of Carlitos, La Barra, La Konga, Ulises Bueno, Damián Córdoba, and the list goes on and on.

The incredible thing about this Cordovan ritual is that, despite frequently, he never loses his magic or his particular mystique. Every dance is an event for the attending audience. Gathered prior to the event, “asaditos”, or be directly on the premises where the magic happens that night.

Come on, everybody.

Throughout history, the dance took on negative connotations. The Quartte' community was accused of generating conflicts at the end of the show, and negative ideas were built around this ceremony. Today, however, popular culture is vindicated and continues to open its doors to anyone who wants to dance a quartet. The audience attending these events is diverse. The quartteal mass is becoming more and more massive and becomes a meeting point among all social classes. Because the love of dancing is “love over all social differences”. In this space there are rounds to share between small groups, big ones, friends and even families who are ready to spend an incredible night.

The joy of Cordoba becomes body and is presented in a scenario that invites “to

Publication Date: 22/10/2019

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